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Posted by: joeprice, October 8, 2012, 8:14pm

I am looking for information on the Burgard or Wilbert families in Huguenot or Deer Park, 1848-1901.

I am seeking info on several people:

1) My great-great uncle, David Burgard, born in the Deerpark area about 22 Oct 1851 to Elizabeth Wilbert (1830-1920 buried St Mary's cemetery, Port Jervis) and George Burgard (1819-1897, also buried in St Mary's).

According to his father George's obit and estate records, David Burgard lived in Huguenot around 1897-1900 and disappears from all records after 1900. I assumed that he died in either 1900. He is not in the 1900 census and his brother's (John Burgard) obituary states that John had 3 brothers (Frank, George jr., Christopher), suggesting that David was deceased by October 17 1901.

Our family history/legend recounts that he ran a restaurant (maybe just worked in one) at this time.

I have looked for years for any info with no luck aside from the 1860 and 1870 censuses, obituaries and estate records.

2) My great-great grandparents George Burgard and Elizabeth Wilbert. They may have met or even have been married in the Deerpark area around 1850 and lived in the deerpark areas until late 1860 or sometime in 1861. George may have been there as early as 1848 or even before.

3) My great-great grandmother's brother Michael Wilbert (Wilber) seems to have lived in Deer Park as well from about 1850 to the mid to lave 1860s and may have been married there to his wife Elizabeth around 1858-1860.

4) Finally, my family has an 1861 letter from a Civil War casualty and close family friend, Franz Lang, also of Deerpark (he died in action in 1862). Any info on this individual would be helpful.

Any information on the Franz Lang, the Burgard or Wilbert families in Deerpark or Huguenot from 1850-1861 or on David Burgard around 1890-1900 would be greatly appreciated.


Joe Price

Family names: Burgard, Wilbert, Kuen, Kerber

Places: Damascus/Texas, Wayne County PA; Shohola/Matamoras, Pike County PA; Deerpark/Hugunot, Port Jervis, NY
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