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Concubine, his second wife, and Admiral Jan Jansen Van Harlem, OUR 11th GREAT GRANDPARENTS.
She was born in Cartagena, Spain. She spoke Arabic and was a Moor, a mix of black, Arab and Spanish. She was Islamic. Jan was Dutch, a former Christian and converted to Islam. Note: Jan’s parents were Gijsbert Van Haarlem and Kornelia Boucquet.
He was also known as the Pirate of Barbary Coast.

Grietje Reiners and Anthony Jansen Van Salee, Netherlands, Spain and Morroco. OUR 10th GREAT GRANDPARENTS ( Anthony was a (Mullato) He was born in Cartagena, Spain. They moved to Morroco. His father was Dutch. Anthony converted to Islam but raised his children Christian when they moved to New York. His wife was Dutch.
Note: She was also known as the First Prostitute of New York. They raised their children Christian in the Dutch Reform Church of New York.

Sarah Antonise Jansen and Jan Emans Jr. Netherlands, Virginia, New York., OUR 9TH GREAT GRANDPARENTS. She was born at sea.

Abraham Emans and Rebecca Stillwell, New York and New Jersey. OUR 8th GREAT GRANDPARENTS.
Note: Rebecca Stillwell’s parents were Nicholas Stillwell III and Elizabeth Catherine Huybert, daughter of Huybert Van Keuren. Elizabeth was the widow of Charles Morgan.
Nicholas parents were Nicholas Stillwell and Abigail Hopton.

Abraham Emans and Rebecca Stillwell’s son Abraham Emans married Alice Stillwell. Alice Stillwell’s parent’s were John Stillwell and Rebecca Throckmorton. The Stilwell's were Anabaptists.
John’s parents were Richard Stilwell and Mary Holms.
Richard‘s parents were Nicholas Stillwell and Abigail Hopton.
So our 8th great grandmother’s son married her grandparent’s, great granddaughter.

Neeltjen Van Aken and Jan (John) Emmens OUR 7th GREAT GRANDPARENTS. Kingston Ulster, New York and Sussex New Jersey. Dutch Reform Church.

Nathaniel Westfall and Catherine Emmens, Rochester, Ulster new York and Sussex, New Jersey. OUR 6th GREAT GRANDPARENTS.
Note: Nathaniel’s parents were Nicholas Westfall and Bregjen Middaugh.
His grandparents were Johannes Westfall and Marretje Kool. His great grandparents were Juriaen Westfall and Marretge Jansen. Marretge’s parents were Hans Jansen Van Noordstrandt and Rymerig Volkert. A park in New York is named after his family Nostrand Park in Brooklyn, New York. Dutch Reformists.

Sarah Westfall and Thomas Hamilton, OUR 5TH GREAT GRANDPARENTS. New Jersey,  Pennsylvania. Sarah drowned, while crossing the Swatara River in Pennsylvania. Thomas remarried.
Note: Thomas Hamilton’s parents were James Hamilton and Susanna Newman.
James Hamilton’s father’s name was also James Hamilton. He came to America with his 3 children, no wife, and died soon after.

James Hamilton and Mary Agnes Logue. OUR 4TH GREAT GRANDPARENTS
Meadville, Pennsylvania
Note: Mary Agnes Logue’s parents were Hugh Logue and Agnes McCullough. Her grandparents were George Logue and Elizabeth. Presbyterians.

Johnathan  Hamilton and Nancy Adams, OUR 3rd GREAT GRANDPARENTS
Meadville, Pennsylvania

Sarah Hamilton and David Bower, OUR 2nd GREAT GRANDPARENTS
Mesopotamia, Ohio and Siverly, Pennsylvania.
Note:  David’s parents were Moses Bower and Sarah. His grandparents were Jacob Bower and Elizabeth. His great - grandparents were Andrew Bower and Elizabeth. His 2nd great grandparents were Michael Bower and Catherine. David was born in York County, Pennsylvania and his family moved to Mesopotamia, Ohio. Michael Bower’s father from Switzerland, may have been a Mennonite.

Rosa Bower and Richard Foley, OUR GREAT GRANDPARENTS Rosa born in Ohio. They also lived in Siverly, Pennsylvania. Richard was born in England.

Ernest Foley and Anna Lind, OUR GRANDPARENTS Oil City, Pennsylvania - They had 7 children.
Anna Lind’s parents were born in Sweden. Methodist and Lutheran.

Four of their children moved to California in 1946. Two lived in Meadville, Pa. One lived in Ohio. The Foley's are all deceased.
I was born and grew up poor in California. No one told us anything, and I found all this out, while doing research on in 2009.
I only knew the names Foley, Hamilton, Logue and Bower. I did not know the Hamilton's Logues, or Bowers in person. Only the Foley's.

Compiled by Vicky in 2009 - The Family Historian.

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