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Posted by: tjfitzgerald, January 18, 2006, 7:22am
The following quotation initiated by interest in the Minisink Massacre.

Florida & Warwick Regiment under command of Col. John Hathorn as mbr. of the Sterling Co. of which he was 2nd Lt. 1776, 1st Lt. 1777, and 2nd Lt. 1778. He and Phillip Burrows were all that was left of this Co. after Brant's massacre at Minisink.

The "he" in the above quotation refers to a relative of mine and I'm trying to confirm this information.  If anyone can assist by pointing me to more information on the Minisink Massacre it may help to confirm or refute the information.

Thank you all, even those that can not help,
Posted by: Paula, September 15, 2006, 11:18pm; Reply: 1
If you need info on the massacre at Minisink..I can help you when I get back from vacation. Capt Bezeleel Tyler was the scout who was killed there..I am a direct descendent of his younger sister Sophia, who married John Ross. Also descended from William Fitzgerald who was with Captain Hathorn's Reg't. through his son James, who married Sarah Galloway

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