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Posted by: sanna, September 28, 2005, 8:54pm
My grandmothers garndmother (on my fathers side) was
passed away in Port Jervis when she was  about 94-96 years old, (about 1950-1952).
She was born  january 1 1856 in Sweden and she was  living with her daughter in Port Jervis the last year before she die.
Her name was Albertina and her surname in USA was Sundberg. Before Port Jervis she was living in Port Richmond, Staten Island, New York.
Is there anyone who know anything?
Her daughter was Alma and she was born november 24 1894 and she was married with a german  man in Port Jervis.
Surnames they had used was: Anderson, Larson, Person, Sundberg and Nordblom.
Where can I find death information for year between 1950 and 1952?
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