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Posted by: sanna, September 2, 2005, 6:52am
My Grandmothers Grandmother Albertina Sundberg (also with surnames Anderson, Larson, Person and Nordblom)
Born january 1 1856 in Hyssna city , Alvsborg county, SWEDEN.
She moved to her daughter ALMA Sundberg (born 24 november  1894 in SWEDEN) and her germans husband in Port Jervis,Orange county 1940´s from Port Richmond in New York city.
Albertina was passed away nearly 96 years old (+/- 2 year).
and burieled somewhere in Port Jervis.
Is there someone who know something?
Where is Albertina´s grave?
Maybee she change her name once again?
Almas husband from Germany?
All information is grateful.

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