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February 11, 2004, 2:35am Report to Moderator

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I am seeking infformation about the Boyst Family. I believe that my greatgrandfather was William Marshall Boyst. Said to be buried inLaurel Grove Cemetarys there soemone with knowledfge about this family or a local genealogical source that can shed soem light on this?Alternate family name may have been Borst. Thanks for any help out there
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January 9, 2005, 9:45pm Report to Moderator
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I see you posted this request for info on William Marshall Boyst back in Feb. of 2004.  So I'm not sure if you got what you are looking for yet.  I'm just started to research my name where my Step-Mother left off she had done quite a bit of research about 8 years ago.  

But anyway, I have info on William Marshall BOYST born on June 1, 1894 in Sedalia, Missouri.  Died 1978 Charlotte, NC.  Married to Lollie Maude HARRIS (born Oct. 20, 1897, died Oct 17, 1991).  Two children from them are William Marshall BOYST (married Dorothy Frances WELLS) and Elizabeth Ann BOYST (married Richard Norfleet, JR LAWRENCE).

If this is who you are looking for I have alot of info (just starting to go through) but perhaps we can help each other on this.


Ken Boyst

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January 29, 2011, 1:43am Report to Moderator

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Just found this post. William Marshall Boyst was my great-uncle, brother of my grandfather J. Raymond Boyst (Rebecca Ogilvie Fortson). Their siblings were Oscar (Myrtle) Boyst and Elizabeth (Frank) Chedester. They were the children of my great-grandparents, Lizzie Vance Monroe and William Henry Boyst, and lived in Greensboro, NC on North Greene Street, in a house beside Lizzie's sister, Florence Monroe. My father, James Ogilvie Boyst, was born on the kitchen table in Lizzie's house on December 31, 1925. That house no longer exists, but Aunt Florence's house is still there.

I have more information on the Boysts and the Monroes...I know the Boysts were originally in New Jersey but came to Greensboro from Missouri. The Monroe sisters (there was also one named Emma, who lived with Florence---they ran a boarding house in the 1910s and 20s, and that's how Rebecca Forston met the family and eventually married Raymond) came to Greensboro from Elizabeth City, NC.

You may already have this info as your post is several years old...

John Boyst
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